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AXESS is the musical solo project of Axel Stupplich

Born in 1967 Axel got in contact with electronic music in the age of 12.  Fascinated by the sounds of synthesizers and other electronic instruments he  discovered a totally new and breath-taking musical universe. He started to  search for such kind of music in a local record shop - CDs were not even  invented at that time. Later, listening to the radio show “Schwingungen” became  a weekly ritual and increased Axel’s interest in various styles of electronic music.  While taking Keyboard lessons for almost 6 years the dream of making his own  music was growing rapidly and in the age of 16 he bought his first own  synthesizer - an ARP 2600, previously owned by Adalbert von Deyen. A few years  later he met another guy from Leverkusen who was also working on his first own  musical steps - Andreas Morsch. Because of their common passion for sequencer  based electronic music they started to work together and founded the band  Digital Dream. Within a few years 5 tapes were released before Andreas’ made a  break for private reasons. Axel continued making his own music and met Uwe  Denzer in 1994 when they became neighbours in the same house. 3 years later,  in 1997, Andreas joined the two guys and together they founded Pyramid Peak.  Their first release “Atmosphere” in 1998 was well received and with “Ocean  Drive” Pyramid Peak became very popular as the best electronic music newcomer  in 1999. In 2002 Axel decided to start his own solo project under the name  AXESS and released his first album “First Light” which also found many fans too.  “Chamaeleon, his second CD, was released in 2003 and that was also the year in  which Axel met Max “maxxess” Schiefele, an extremely talented composer and  guitar player from Bavaria. Both started a new musical collaboration and released  their first common CD “Contact” in 2004. This CD was a huge success within the  electronic music scene and was performed live in Germany, The Netherlands and  the UK. Over the years Axel released many more CDs solo, with Pyramid Peak as  well as with Maxxess and in 2012 their album “5vor12” won the first price as the  best electronic music album in 2011 at the Schallwelle music award.  
Axel Stupplich (left) and Andreas Morsch (right) - Digital Dream 1989
Maxxess (left) and AXESS  (right) - Contact live in Dinslaken 2004
Pyramid Peak with Maxxess - Live at E-Day in Oirschot/NL 2014
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