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Singularity - The latest album of Axess!

The 9th solo album of German composer Axel "Axess" Stupplich is another  masterpiece of modern electronic music. On this album you will find a mix of  ambient and chillout tunes, following the musical path of Axess which has  started a few years ago with Seashore and ZEN. 9 brandnew songs with  catchy melodies, deep basses, warm pads & atmospheres and hypnotic  rhythms will drag you into your own mysterious universe. Open your mind and  prepare yourself for a journey into space & time, looking behind the distant  horizon and bringing back memories of your childhood, before you arrive at  the singularity of your own being. 

Purchase & Merchandising

Singularity and all other Axess CDs can be purchased on bandcamp or directly by Email from the artist

Upcoming concerts & events:

28.10.2023 - Pyramid Peak live in the Dechenhoehle cave in Iserlohn/Germany ; special guest: moonbooter

Planned for 2023: Axess Livestream with Chillout music out of the Dechenhoehle cave in Iserlohn - date tba.

Planned for 2024 : 20 years of Contact - celebration of the first collaboration of Axess & Maxxess - date tba.
Cover artwork:

The Rhoen Tapes - The new album by Sonic Transients!

In winter 2023 Max and I retreated to the Rhön (German mountain area) to  record this album. We rented an old house with a view to the Wasserkuppe,  the highest mountain in this area. We had all our equipment with us, sat in  front of the fireplace and were inspired by the silence and the landscape. We  didn't have a concept or half-finished material with us, we wanted to be  inspired by the moment for something new. We startet from zero and the  music that was created here is far away from what we have done in other  projects.The basis for this sound was created on our hikes through the deep  snow in wind and fog. Available on Bandcamp & Spotify. 
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